Welcome to my website!! Thanks for stopping by. Please check out the gigs page to see where and when I’m playing.  Some exciting new things are in the works including tours, gigs, and recording sessions. Grammy winning guitarist, Eric Johnson just released a new record called Collage. I had the good fortune to play on a few of the tracks, so this is his 4th full-length record of his that I've played on including two Billboard No. 1's!! I've also finished my first book "Developing Melodic Language on the Drums" which you can order directly from me here.  Please check back to see when and where I'm playing with my Trio, Groove Society, EJ, Bob Schneider, the UT Jazz Faculty, and many other amazing artists. Thanks for visiting!

Here's my first Vic Firth Performance Spotlight! The tune is one of my originals entitled Charmingly Disarming Lee. The video was taken in Boston at the Zildjian Artist's Lounge, and the track was performed by Wayne Salzmann's Groove Society Featuring:

Carter Arrington - Guitar
Chris Mcqueen - Guitar
Sean Giddings - Keyboards
Adrian Ruiz - Trumpet
Russell Haight - Tenor Saxophone
Nick Clark - Bass

Engineered by Kelly Donnelly at Saucer Studios in Austin, Tx. 

I am honored to have great relationships with wonderful companies. I'm very pleased to have endorsement deals with DW Drums, pedals, and Hardware. I was fortunate enough to tour the factory in 2012, and currently have a Collectors Series Maple kit, a Jazz Series kit, and a Maple Mahogany prototype kit.  I also play Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Puresound Snare Wires, and use Westone in-ear monitors and earplugs.

Vic Firth Interview

I recently did an interview with the Vic Firth Company about my career and how music affected my life growing up. Click the picture below to read the interview.
Vf live to play


I am extremely honored to be counted among zildjian's artists, because virtually ALL of my drumming heros and influences have played and endorsed zildjian cymbals at some point. I was fortunate enough to go to the factory and hand-pick my own cymbals from literally thousands of different sizes and series. There is so much history in this company, they are the oldest family owned business in the USA...established in 1623! This is a great moment for me personally as well because my dad played zildjian cymbals, so the first cymbal I ever played, as well as the first cymbals I ever bought were zildjian. I'm absolutely honored to be a part of this great company.